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OpenVMS Administrator

When your business needs to compete in a global market, agility and adaptability is truly critical. Our services help to ensure your OpenVMS Alpha/VAX and databases are in tip-top performance and the environment is rock-solid stable – with our Virtual VAX/Alpha platforms.  We have an exceptional understanding of OpenVMS systems and, RMS, Oracle Rdb and Codasyl DBMS database platforms.  From performance, to crash analysis to user training, task automation or most any other request – ENVy OpenVMS Administrator has you covered.  Though we cannot provide Operating System and Application patches, otherwise, we are a one-stop-shop for OpenVMS Alpha and VAX. 

Our team of amazing consultants will work with you one-on-one or in small groups remotely or on-site to understand your information system needs and help you develop a rock-solid plan to ensure stable operations of your OpenVMS environment. 

OpenVMS Administrator includes our ToolKit for Codasyl DBMS for clients who wish advanced data administration and analytics of Codasyl DBMS.  We also, support Oracle Rdb.


Help Desk

The OpenVMS MANMAN application is a widely used MRP-II application for mid-range businesses. The application consists of functional modules including; General Ledger, Manufacturing, Order Management / Accounts Receivable, Process, Tracker, Barscan, Decision Maker, Automotive, Repetitive, Fixed Assets, Financial History, ServiceMan, Accounts Payable, G/L Consolidations, System.

Modules Supported:

We support the entire MANMAN product suite.

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Warehouse Suite for Codasyl DBMS

  • Warehouse Suite Tools are comprised of the following components: Schema Generator Plus Schema Generator extracts and builds all programs necessary to attach and execute against a Codasyl DBMS database. Schema Generator uses advanced technology to extract Codasyl DBMS set/record and field elements from a Codasyl DBMS database and construct a relational “mirror” to an OpenVMS Oracle Rdb database. Schema Generator creates all source code used by Warehouse Suite running on OpenVMS.
  • Your Codasyl database schema is converted to an Oracle Rdb relation database from which a WarehousePLUS database is created and populated. Changes to the Codasyl DBMS database are read from after images journal files and update WarehousePLUS. WarehousePLUS databases are replicated using the eNVy Replicator Console application to a SQL 92-compliant database of your choice. Whether you warehouse an entire database, or multiple databases, the WarehousePLUS can do the job for you, and in a fraction of the time using conventional extraction methods. Implementation and ongoing maintenance do no require a large or sophisticated IT organizations, so anyone can benefit. The Warehouse Suite Product provides ALL applications to implement a SQL Data Warehouse of your production / archived Oracle Codasyl DBMS database to SQL Server and Oracle.
  • Warehouse Suite SQL databases are your data-source for information systems analytics and dashboards. SQL Databases can be refreshed with up to date Codasyl DBMS transaction data daily, hourly, or every few minutes.
  • The information access possibilities are endless; integrate your Codasyl DBMS / MANMAN environment with a SQL back-end and a Windows friendly user interface on the front end.