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Have provided numerous proprietary solutions that implemented, migrated, converted and updated ERP host and cloud-based business systems. What follows are client case studies employing proprietary SQL Framework solutions where client specifications were either ambiguous or completely absent. These successful project management examples transcend mere scope of work, project management
application, and GANTT/GAP analysis. They evidence a diversity of specialized skills that transformed project/program ambiguity into a manageable matrix of problem, definition, units of work effort, validation, documentation and deployment.

Case Brief #2. The scope of this project was a simple client need, “Provide the ability to execute transactions from .NET applications…” The solution was to extend the “surround strategy” to provide not only advanced analytics and reporting of ERP data, but also to perform real-time transactions from the Windows desktop. After performing a technology (interface) review and providing a “strawman” accompanied by a functional Proof of Concept to the client, a proprietary technology framework with API was built to fully support broad transaction capability from within Windows applications: TelEnvy

Library Frameworks .
The proprietary TelEnvy framework provides for dynamic transaction capability using XML (document) transaction units which transmit ERP command sequences to operate the ERP with user-response data. The framework provides “call-back” functionality to receive data from the ERP to the user application for display, process, whatever.

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