eNVy RestWS

Is comprised of a suite of tools built on the popular OpenSource NancyFx, and the eNVy Systems TelEnvy XML Communication and XML scripting Framework. ERWS provides for real-time  integration between thin/thick client browser applications, the Telnet base ERP, SQL, and eCommerce/cloud applications.

The TelEnvy XML communications scripting API is an eNVy Systems  class library of which employs a proprietary XML language symantec to “operate” and pass / retrieve data from the ERP application.

TelEnvy Library Framework

The TelEnvy Application Framework and associated frameworks comprise the processing engine on which Windoes to TELNET applications are built.  The TelEnvy engine accepts well formed XML as input, using a scripting language, the TelEnvy processor forwards keyboard from the application to the TELNET host.  The TelEnvy framework also supports responses from the TELNET host application back to the application.

The TelEnvy language has broad coverage for conditional, context sensitive, relative and absolute position, send, retrieve and flow control.

An example of the XML used to process an OpenVMS MANMAN APR630 report is here.