Dana Holding Company.

Transforming Business

Dana Holding has been a client for almost a decade. Dana Holding operates two virtual (Charon) Alpha ES40 OpenVMS clusters in data centers in Ohio and Michigan. ENVy Systems was responsible for the design, deployment implementation, and support of their OpenVMS/MANMAN systems. 

ENVy provided tools to auto-synchronize the Oracle Rdb and Codasyl DBMS databases with transactional data from Ohio to their disaster recovery center in Michigan. We also provide advanced critical support for the OpenVMS, Charon Windows virtual Alpha system and their Rdb and Codasyl DBMS databases.


Standens/IMT has been a client for over a decade. We were instrumental as a one-stop-shop for OpenVMS, MANMAN and Warehouse Suite to SQL Server in addition to many other Windows applications developed by us for document – PDF (LexForms) and Sales Order entry via web – portal (EZOrder).

Standens has a significant analytics infrastructure based on eNVy Systems SQL Database tools.


Worldheart is a manufacturer of medical-cardiac – implant devices.  We have supported WorldHeart’s OpenVMS system for many years. We worked with the executive team to move the Worldheart OpenVMS VAX system to a Virtual MicroVAX system running on Microsoft Windows.

The Hamilton Company

The Hamilton Company has two divisions. A U.S. division and a division in Switzerland.  We have been long standing support to the US and Swiss divisions for OpenVMS, and database – Codasyl DBMS and Rdb, and eNVy Warehouse Suite Tools.

St. Jude Medical

St. Jude Medical was running OpenVMS MANMAN with Minnesota.

The company implemented various interfaces developed by eNVy Systems Engineers permitting real-time connectivity to Lawson Payroll and Global Healthcare Exchange.  Though a translator did not exist for the Global Healthcare Exchange eNVy Engineers created it.

St. Jude Medical was also an Systems and Operations Client.