Utilizing Event Triggers For Managing Information Changes, Tom Brown, Biosite Diagnostics, Inc.

Biosite Diagnostics uses the eNVy Warehouse Suite data warehouse extensively as an integral source for MANMAN information. Biosites information needs span from general reporting, Excel spreadsheets to complex OLAP datamarts and general content via Microsoft Active Server Pages.  Our initial implementation configuration included a reporting system which satisfies various levels of information reporting across MANMAN/Manufacturing, MANMAN/Omar and MANMAN/Tracker.

As we mature with the data warehouse and Microsoft SQL and ASP technology we find our information environment to be rich in opportunity. One such opportunity entailed our need to audit transactional records (in near real-time) for accuracy. The MANMAN system, although robust, is unable to capture certain business events with notification.


When a part or product is set up in MANMAN, accounting needs to be notified so that they can review specific fields to ensure the recording of the transaction is correct and MANMAN reporting is consistent. Many times, transactions are entered with bad costs or no costs at all, wrong primary account numbers and wrong GL product types. To ensure these transactions where entered correctly, we implemented an event notification system for these records. Today, Biosite’s transaction accuracy has significantly improved and our business processes are more robust. 


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We added triggers to the Manufacturing PRTREC table and OMAR MA_PRODREC table, upon the insertion of a new record accounting users are notified via e-mail, that the part or product was added.


The data warehouse platform provides a rich information base and an infrastructure for building flexible reporting, and event driven applications. Biosite has the power to generate event notifications in virtually any record in MANMAN using business rules which meet our requirements. There are plans to implement trigger events for transactions to notify key users for Manman/Manufacturing shortages, and other inventory transactions. 

Adapt to MANMAN Data Real-Time Changes with eNVy Warehouse Suite SQL Database for MANMAN-Oracle Codasyl DBMS