What Our Clients Say About Us

We are most impresses with the flexibility and speed with which we can extract data. Gathering data from the SQL database is much faster than using standard queries against the MANMAN DBMS database, and the time required to create a customized report or query is drastically decreased.
Lisa Morris
IT System's Manager, Teltrend
I have used Tim at eNVy Systems many times in the past to assist with OpenVMS problems with MANMAN, Codasyl DBMS, Rdb and Data Warehousing Solutions. He does great work.
Herschel Berry
Senior Systems Analyst, The Hamilton Company
The eNVy Warehouse Suite is a simple yet powerful tool. It's a critical component of our IS infrastructure.
Mark Penny
IT System's Developer, Siemens Medical Systems
... is a man of detail who will work around the clock to deliver urgent requests. No matter the time day or night he is available on the phone to discuss issues, future projects and process enhancements. His OpenVMS & MANMAN knowledge knows no boundaries and a great guy to work on all levels...
Ian Jackson
IT Manager, UK & Ireland at Donone