Charon VAX/Alpha Classic to Virtual

ENVy Systems provides Data Replication Software for Codasyl DBMS, Rdb and Operations/Data Administrator/System Management services to clients running VAX/Alpha/IA64 OpenVMS.  We have provided professional services and software to over 150 clients worldwide, including organizations in Health-care, Education, Medical Devices, Semi-Conductor, Automotive, Financial Services, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and State and Federal Governments.

Platforms Supported:  OpenVMS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, IA64/Itanium, x86 (

Languages:  FORTRAN, COBOL, Microsoft .NET, C#, Managed and Unmanaged C++

Frameworks: Boost, Qt, NancyFx (REST), DevExpress XAF

Proprietary Technologies: LexSuite (Pdf, Service, Designer)TelEnvy, RestAWSWarehouse Suite, near-real-time data replication from Oracle Codasyl DBMS to SQL Server and Oracle RDBMS; and the Codasyl DBMS Database Administrator ToolKit, an OpenVMS Data Administration Suite of Database Analysis Tools.

VAX/Alpha Virtualization: We are a Certified Solutions Partner of Stromasys’ Charon with clients running Virtual VAX/Alpha.

Software Solutions include application interfaces to/from OpenVMS to Windows database and web services with real-time transactions from OpenVMS MANMAN to Amazon AWS/EC2. We offer client custom Analytic/Reporting and Pdf Conversion solutions from OpenVMS to non-OpenVMS Database-OS platforms.

With eNVy the System & Operations service, we can aid the operational stability and recovery of Windows/Classic VAX/Alpha and Virtual OpenVMS environments. If your application requires a special interface to/from Windows or OpenVMS to elsewhere, we can help also.  Give us a call to discuss.

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eNVy Systems, Inc.
4750 Almaden Expy STE 124 PMB 330
San Jose, CA 95118
OFFICE 408.394-5706

Established in 1989

Though we are acknowledged experts on Alpha AXP/VAX OpenVMS and Oracle OpenVMS databases, Codasyl DBMS and Rdb, we have also built frameworks from the Microsoft/Apple space from/to OpenVMS with eNVy developed interfaces.

Many of our clients have remained with eNVy support services for as long as their OpenVMS systems were in use. ENVy engineers are “all-in” to ensure the client receives the best possible system availability, performance, and integration software solutions.

Using Stromasys Charon, we have virtualized VAX and Alpha OpenVMS Systems on Microsoft, Redhat, and Oracle Linux. In most cases, with advanced preparation, the move from legacy to virtual Charon can be completed over a weekend. We offer a net-change swing option if scheduling or a proof-of-concept is required.

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